BlauFast Thermally Insulating Circular Ducting Female Joint Coupler for MVHR

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Blaufast Round Insulated Heat Retaining Circular

Ducting coupler for MVHR systems. Enhance your MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) system with the Blaufast Round Insulated Heat Retaining Circular Ducting Coupler. Designed specifically to join lengths of Blaufast insulated MVHR ducting, this product ensures optimal performance and efficiency in energy-efficient ventilation systems.

Key Features

Designed for all ventilation and MVHR systems. The Blaufast Round Insulated Ducting Coupler is versatile and perfectly compatible with all ventilation and MVHR systems, making it an essential component for various installations.

Exceptional Thermal Heat Retention and Reduced Thermal Bridging

Thermal Heat Retention: Superior thermal insulation properties ensure maximum heat retention.
Reduced Thermal Bridging: Significantly minimises thermal bridging, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Air Leakage Tested and Low Heat Conductivity

Air Leakage Tested: Meets ATC 1 standards through rigorous air leakage testing.
Low Heat Conductivity: Features a low heat conductivity with λ=0.029 W/mK, ensuring efficient performance.

Available in three sizes:

  • 125mm
  • 160mm
  • 200mm

These sizes provide flexibility to meet various system requirements in insulated MVHR ducting applications.

Easy Push-Fit Connections

Simple Installation: Push-fit connections ensure an airtight seal, making installation quick and hassle-free.
No Complex Assembly: Designed for straightforward assembly without the need for complex tools or procedures.


Blaufast Round Insulated Ducting Coupler is ideal for a wide range of ducted MVHR ventilation systems, including:

  • Passivhaus systems.
  • High-energy performing buildings.
  • Energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings.

Product Description

Blaufast Thermally Insulated Ducting Coupler is specifically designed for MVHR heat recovery ventilation systems. It excels in:

  • Retaining Heat: Outstanding thermal insulation properties make it perfect for centralised ventilation installations, MVHR & MEV systems.
  • Minimising Thermal Bridging: Essential for maintaining energy efficiency in insulated MVHR ducting systems.

Versatile System

Available in three common duct diameters (125mm, 160mm, 200mm) with adapters to match European sizes (150mm, 180mm), ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your system.

Durability and Performance

  • Durable Materials: Constructed from durable and rigid materials, preventing deformation during installation.
  • Smooth Interior Wall: Reduces pressure drop by half compared to flexible pre-insulated ducts, resulting in quieter and more cost-effective operation.


Enhance your insulated MVHR ducting system's efficiency with the Blaufast Round Insulated Heat Retaining Circular Ducting Coupler. This essential component is your solution for energy-efficient ventilation, ensuring seamless connection and optimal performance in your MVHR system.

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