Chrome Circular Ceiling Vent Difuser Duct Extractor Ventilation Fan Grille

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Circular Ceiling Mounted Vent Grille - Chrome

Upgrade your ventilation system with our Circular Ceiling Mounted Vent Grille in chrome finish. This versatile grille is designed for both intake and extract air ducts and is available in three different duct sizes: 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm. Whether you're looking to replace an old vent or enhance your ventilation system, this ceiling diffuser is an excellent choice.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Chromed Plastic Finish: The grille is finished in highly reflective chromed plastic, adding a touch of sophistication to your room. It complements chrome-themed interiors and blends seamlessly with various design styles.

  2. Coned Sections: To ensure even air dispersion, the diffuser is equipped with small inner multi-cones. These cones help reduce drafts and cold zones, making it ideal for use in living areas, bedrooms, and offices.

  3. Insect Mesh: The grille is supplied with an insect mesh, keeping unwanted pests out of your ventilation system. You can enjoy fresh air without worrying about insects or debris entering your ducts.

  4. UV Protection: The DPR ceiling grille is UV protected, ensuring that it maintains its chrome-like appearance over time. It won't yellow or deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight.

Common Applications:

  • Mounting in ceilings connected to ventilation systems with ducting.
  • Replacing outdated circular vents with a modern chrome finish.
  • Creating air diffusion in different directions to minimize drafts.
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of rooms with chrome accents.
  • Serving as intake or extract air vents in your duct system.

Upgrade your ventilation system with style and functionality by choosing our Circular Ceiling Mounted Vent Grille in chrome. Enjoy improved air distribution, reduced drafts, and a sleek, modern design that complements your space. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, this grille is a great addition to any ventilation system.

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