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Framless Slot Diffuser - 1 Slot

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  • Seamless, flush, frameless single slot diffusers that that can be painted to any colour.
  • No visible frames that can be joined together to make one continual slot vent.
  • Made almost entirely of Gypsum plaster, the natural finish will allow the application of any type of paint.
  • Suitable for any type of ventilation system, heat recovery MVHR or Passivhaus project.
  • Available in 12 mm & 18 mm slot widths, and 625, 1m & 1.25m lengths,

Frameless Ventilation Slot Diffuser - 1 Slot - Slim Narrow Ceiling or Wall Grille for MVHR Heat Recovery Systems

When considering a ventilation system or MVHR heat recovery project, that requires room mounted vents, the choice is air terminal diffusers is almost non-existent. Any sort of interior design flair, or creativity trying to move air in different ways, is stifled by an extremely small choice of bland, mundane vents that do not provide any high level of technical performance.

This dilemma inspired Blauberg Designers to create a new range of slot diffusers, that not only meet the needs of high performing buildings but do so with stunning looks. I am sure you will agree, the pictures speak for themselves.

By far, the biggest advantage of Blauberg Slot Diffusers is that they are made, almost entirely from the same material as your plasterboard ceiling. This means you will be left with a seamless finish with no cracks, lines, or visible edges. Simply, cut into your ceiling, make good when plastering, paint and you are done.



How do Blauberg  Slot Diffusers Work?

They can be incorporated into any ventilation system that requires ceiling or wall mounted vents. Use when fresh, filtered air is to be supplied into any living room, office or communal area, or dirty, humid air needs to be extracted from kitchens, toilets, offices & wet rooms.

Blauberg Slot Diffusers are commonly used on heat recovery ventilation systems where a continual level of balanced airflow is required. Each slot diffuser can be easily installed in any room within a home, office building, school, or civic building. Airflow is adjusted using the commissioning damper supplied with each diffuser. A full range of acoustic plenum boxes are available making connection to ductwork simple and straightforward.

Technical information on each Blauberg Slot Diffusers is also available. This will allow airflow's to be calculated correctly, taking into consideration airflow levels, noise, draughts, and effective ventilation. BIM (building information model's) models & families are also available to easy incorporation into any CAD drawing.

Are Blauberg MVHR Slot Diffusers Suitable for Passivhaus Projects?

Although there is no provision within the Passivhaus PHPP software for air slot diffuser elements, they are proven to be an effective solution for high performance buildings and Passishaus projects. Effective selection, positioning, comissioning and adjustment of supply and extract grilles within a dwelling, can greatly improve the thermal efficiency of a MVHR system.

At the design stage, careful consideration to all Blauberg technical data, will ensure that the Passivhaus Consultant or Ventilation Desginer can make informed choices. For example, a correctly sized supply air diffuser, serving fresh air to a bedroom will have areduced pressure drop. This will decrease the demand from the heat recovery unit, mening will run slower, saving energy and increased its ability to recover heat. The comissioning damper will help to meet the strict noise levels must not exceed 25 dB(A) in living spaces and 35 dB(A) in bathrooms, and may even negate the need for cross talk silencers.



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Frameless Ventilation Slot Diffuser - 1 Slot - Slim Narrow Ceiling or Wall Grille for MVHR Heat Recovery Systems