BlauFast 75mm Manifold Box Ducting Connector Semi Rigid Radial Duct MVHR System

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  • Compatibility: Perfectly fits 75mm semi-rigid radial ducting for streamlined connections.
  • Simple Installation: Quick, tool-free setup with a push-fit connection that saves time and effort.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimises air flow in MVHR systems, ideal for Passivhaus and air-tight dwellings.
  • Universal Application: Essential for both air intake and extraction in any room requiring ventilation.
  • Secure System Integrity: Includes easy-to-use features for sealing off unused ports to maintain system efficiency.

Enhance your residential ventilation with our Semi-Rigid Ducting Manifold Distribution Box Adapter, specifically designed for use with 75mm semi-rigid radial ducting. This adapter is a pivotal component of the Blauberg Blaufast range and is crucial for seamlessly connecting semi-rigid radial ducting to your distribution manifold boxes, ensuring an efficient setup in your mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit for 75mm Ducting: Tailored to accommodate 75mm semi-rigid radial ducting, this adapter ensures a snug, efficient connection that maximizes the performance of your ventilation system.

  • Effortless Installation: Boasting a simple push-fit connection, this adapter allows for straightforward installation. Simply cut your semi-rigid duct evenly with a sharp knife, slide the rubber air-tight sealing rings (if required) over the ducts, insert the ducts into the adapter, and secure them with the locking rings.

  • Optimised for Efficiency: Ideal for homes aiming for Passivhaus standards or any air-tight dwelling, this adapter is an essential part of any high-performance MVHR system, facilitating effective and efficient air distribution throughout your property.

  • Universal Compatibility: Each port on your intake and extract manifold air distribution box requires one Blaufast RKF adapter, allowing you to extend a length of semi-rigid duct to every room that needs ventilation, be it for air intake or extraction.

  • Safety and Compliance: It is vital to ensure that all unused ports on your manifold are securely blanked off to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your ventilation system.

Incorporating this adapter into your ventilation setup not only enhances the functionality of your system but also supports a healthier living environment by ensuring consistent, clean airflow where it’s most needed.

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