Blauair RH-1500 Commercial MVHR Thermal Wheel Heat Recovery Unit Water Heater L H

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  • Efficient Design: Internal air handling unit with horizontal duct connections.
  • Optimal Airflow: Delivers up to 1500 m³/hour with efficient German EC fans.
  • Heating: Fitted with an internal low-pressure hot water battery (LPHW).
  • Easy Operation: Built-in 'plug-and-play' controls for hassle-free commissioning.
  • Advanced Filtration: F7 filters capturing particles down to PM2.5 for cleaner air.
  • Handing: Left-handed maintenance access and services connections.

Blauair RH-1500-HE-S25-L Air Handling Unit

Introducing the Blauair RH-1500-HE-S25-L, a premier HVAC solution designed for both commercial and residential use. This air handling unit (AHU) effectively manages airflow up to 1500 m³/hour and includes an integrated low pressure hot water (LPHW) heater battery for enhanced climate control. Its left-handed access design simplifies both installation and maintenance.

Key Features of the Blauair RH-1500-HE-S25-L Air Handling Unit

Exceptional Energy Efficiency: With an A+ energy rating and ERP 2018 compliance, the RH-1500-HE-S25-L is among the most efficient HVAC units. Its advanced thermal wheel design maximises heat recovery, promoting environmentally friendly building practices.

Advanced Motor Technology: Fitted with German-engineered low-energy EC fans, this AHU operates with high energy efficiency and minimal noise, meeting stringent specific fan power requirements.

Efficient Heat Recovery Exchanger: The Eurovent-certified rotary thermal wheel ensures superior air quality, essential for environments needing precise air filtration and sanitation, such as medical facilities.

Enhanced Heating Capability: The integrated LPHW heater battery delivers reliable and robust heating, maintaining optimal indoor temperatures even in cold conditions. This feature enhances the unit’s adaptability to various climates.

Robust AHU Construction

Durable Casing: The RH-1500-HE-S25-L features a compact design with double-skin construction and 40 mm mineral wool insulation. This improves thermal efficiency and significantly reduces noise, creating a quieter environment. Its sturdy build is resistant to fire and corrosion, ensuring durability in various conditions.

Advanced Filtration: High-efficiency F7 synthetic air filters effectively capture particulates like PM2.5, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria, ensuring a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Comprehensive Controls and Automation

Advanced Controls: The RH-1500-HE-S25-L includes state-of-the-art air management systems, providing precise control over temperature, humidity, and air quality. Optional CO2 sensor integration is available, essential for energy-efficient building management.

Seamless Connectivity: The smart control system allows this AHU to integrate smoothly into a Building Management System (BMS) or remote control platform, offering flexible and efficient ventilation system management.

User-Friendly Handling Features

Left-Handed Accessibility: The RH-1500-HE-S25-L is designed with left-handed access, facilitating easier installation, connections, and maintenance. This design flexibility minimises disruption during maintenance and simplifies installation. Choose left-handed access when ordering your Blauair Air Handling Unit (AHU).

Installation and Maintenance

Detailed Installation Guide: Comprehensive guides are provided to support easy installation, suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts setting up this climate control system.

Transparent Maintenance Costs: We provide clear information on maintenance expenses to ensure your AHU operates efficiently over its lifespan, reducing overall operational costs.

Tailored Solutions

Custom Air Handling Units (AHU) for Industrial Applications: We offer bespoke solutions designed to meet specific industrial requirements, ensuring optimal air circulation and quality control in various settings.

Improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency with the Blauair RH-1500-HE-S25-L Air Handling Unit (AHU), crafted to deliver high performance and sustainability in any environment.

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EAN Number 5056194049085
Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Please choose Size 1500 m3/hour
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 416.666666666667
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 1500
Control Options Water Heater - Left Handed
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