MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Design Packages

MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Design Packages

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At Blauberg UK, we specialise in designing individual MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) systems that cater to a diverse range of clients.

Whether you’re an architect, tradesperson, homeowner, or reseller, we will have a tailored MVHR package designed to meet your specific needs that will exceed your expectations.

“In today’s world, the air we breathe indoors is more important than ever. At Blauberg UK, we understand that a well-designed heat recovery ventilation system is not just about moving air in and out. It’s about creating a healthier, more comfortable, and energy-efficient environment for you or your client to thrive.”
(Graham Slade - Managing Director - Blauberg UK)

Harnessing the latest in ventilation technology, Blauberg UK designs MVHR ventilation systems that not only ensure optimal air quality but also prioritise energy efficiency.

Our designs can help reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs, making sustainability an integral part of your indoor environment.


Going it alone? No problem, we are here to help.

We take the pain out of the whole design process. We consult with professionals such as your architect, contractors, and building control, and ensure compliance with complex Building Regulations such as fire cover and overheating.

At the heart of our designs is a commitment to enhancing the well-being of you and your family. By improving air quality and providing a comfortable living and working environment, our mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) systems contribute to better health and productivity.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end at the design phase. We offer comprehensive support throughout installation and beyond, ensuring your ventilation system is fitted correctly and operates at peak performance.

Choose this MVHR design package if you want a ventilation professional to handle your whole project.


At Blauberg UK, we understand the unique challenges architects face when integrating effective ventilation systems into master plans, concepts and approved designs.

We can provide you with bespoke heat recovery ventilation solutions that will blend seamlessly with your architectural vision.

Blauberg UK can provide you with up-to-date expertise on building regulations and green standards, ensuring your designs are both compliant and eco-friendly.

We can address client based ‘cost-quality’ equations and still provide high-quality, cost-effective heat recovery ventilation designs, that meet budgetary constraints without compromising performance.

Our designers are mindful of ‘optimal occupant comfort’. Our advanced heat recovery ventilation systems are designed for superior air quality and comfort, enhancing the well-being of the building and it's occupants.

By using a dedicated Blauberg UK project manager, you can streamline your project collaboration with you and your client directly. This facilitates clear, efficient communication and collaboration from concept to completion.

Choose this MVHR design package if you are an architect who would like to work with Blauberg UK that can handle the specifics needed for each and every client.


As a builder, plumber, or electrician, you can easily add MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) ventilation to your portfolio of services by partnering with Blauberg UK.

The Full English! What's on the Menu? We literally handle everything other than fitting; that's your bit! It’s a complete ‘hand-holding’ service from start to finish.

Your dedicated Blauberg UK Project Manager will be with you at every stage, from concept to completion. You will never need to worry about Building Regulation compliance or frustrating Building Control obstacles.

As we are now building higher-performing homes to meet increased levels of efficiency, Building Regulations are ever-evolving, and increasingly stringent. Falling short of compliance is now not an option. Especially if you want to deliver a ‘hassle-free’ project on time with a happy client.

Our heat recovery ventilation solutions are designed to meet and exceed local Building Regulations, ensuring your projects sail through inspections without costly delays or reworks.

Our packages cater to any project size and type, from residential to commercial. Detailed, adaptable designs ensure a perfect fit, project after project, without the guesswork.

We’ve engineered our MVHR designs with you, the installer in mind. Clear, concise support and installation guidelines & drawings, along with dedicated support materials mean you can focus on delivering high-end systems to your clients.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end at purchase. Enjoy continuous access to our experts for guidance, support, and peace of mind, ensuring every project is a success.

Choose this MVHR design package if you want to add another ‘string to your bow’ without the burden.


“Jack of all Trades, Master of One!” This mantra is becoming increasingly relevant for wholesalers looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

The key to unlocking new opportunities and retaining existing customers lies in offering specialised, value-added services and products.

One such opportunity is the integration of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) ventilation systems into your product range.
MVHR systems represent a growing sector in the construction and renovation markets, appealing to a broad audience concerned with energy efficiency, environmental impact, and indoor air quality.

By including Blauberg UK MVHR design packages in their offerings, wholesalers can tap into this demand, providing a comprehensive solution that many clients are actively seeking but find hard to source.

Offering a Blauberg UK MVHR Design Package does more than just add another product to a catalogue, it positions the wholesaler as a comprehensive solutions provider. This not only attracts new clients looking for cutting-edge heat recovery ventilation solutions but also retains existing clients who might otherwise turn to specialised providers for their ventilation needs.

Opting for a Blauberg UK MVHR Design Package ensures that all bases are covered, from initial design considerations to final installation support, giving clients peace of mind and cementing the wholesaler’s reputation as a trusted, knowledgeable partner in their projects for supplying high-quality ventilation services.

By specialising in MVHR systems and providing a complete design package, you as a wholesaler can distinguish yourselves; as not just suppliers but as crucial consultants in the construction process, adding significant value to each project and building lasting relationships with your clients.

Opt for this Blauberg UK MVHR design package to enhance your wholesaling business, attracting eco-conscious clients with a premium, energy-efficient ventilation solution that sets you apart in the competitive market, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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