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Freshbox 100 WiFi

Single Room Ventilation Unit With Wi-Fi Control

Freshbox 100 WiFi

Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilation Units | Blauberg UK

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If you have a project in mind, we have qualified ventilation design engineers to hand. Choose the option that's best for you.

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Decentralised, single room heat recovery units are becoming a more popular choice over traditional extractor fans simply because of the large amount of heat that can be recovered. It is no longer efficient to throw expensive heat out of our bathrooms and kitchens because we need to expel moist, stale and dirty air.

Our simple to use single room heat recovery units are an excellent solution to combat this with Building Regulation complaint airflow rates with boost facility when needed, high levels of thermal heat recovery and powerful low energy DC motors.

Simplified control of all Blauberg decentralised heat recovery ventilators can be linked to your home automation system as standard.

Fan choice and air circulation calculation

Before choosing a fan define its destination, necessary modifications and, what is important, the power (capacity) of the device.

If the fan is set in the bathroom or lavatory, it is quite possible that you will need a timer that makes the fan operate and turns it off automatically even after you have left the room. Humidity sensor will turn the fan on when the level of moisture exceeds the set one. For kitchen or other premises you can use a fan with pull-cord switch for short-term air extraction.

  1. Diameter of the flange that can be installed into your ventilation shaft – 100, 125 or 150 mm.
  2. Volume of the room and air exchange per hour.

Along with the above mentioned, the following should be taken into consideration when choosing a fan:

In order to calculate the volume of the room, use a simple formula please: Volume (cub.m.)=length*height*width (m).

For different premises there are different norms for air exchange. Some of them can be found below.

Room type Square, м2 Air exchange rate per hour Required capacity, м3/h
Lavatory 4-9 5-9 90-200
Bathroom 8-12 5-9 90-150
Kitchen 8-18 6-12 100-300
Living room/bedroom 12-25 4-8 90-300
Service room, accomodation space 4-8 5-8 90-190
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