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Blauberg has a full range of ventilation ductwork, vents, grilles and ancillary items available for you to purchase for both commercial and domestic applications. From standard circular plastic ductwork to our revolutionary Blaufast, semi-rigid ducting, Blauberg can provide ductwork for a variety of air handling units and MVHR systems.

Blauberg manufactures universal white solid plastic ducting which can be fitted to all European ventilation equipment, ducting, grilles, heat recovery units and extractor fans.

The advantage of round plastic ducting is reduced air resistance because of its smooth inner surface, resulting in a more efficient ventilation system.

Blauberg’s plastic ducting is supplied in 100, 125, 150 and 200mm connection sizes and ducting is conveniently cut into lengths of 350, 500, 1m, 1.5m and 2m.

For an even more versatile ducting solution, choose our Blaufast semi-rigid radial ducting. Blaufast has the ability to bend around obstacles like pipes, sprinklers and cables, typically without the need for additional bends, tees or adapters.

An anti-static lining and anti-bacterial treatment can be applied to the Blaufast ducting to further improve air quality and prevent the buildup of airborne particles in the ducting that might exacerbate allergies. Added to this, Blaufast helps to prevent the development of mould, bacteria and fungi that might build up in your heat recovery system.

If you want to add a ventilation system to a small space, you can purchase Blauberg’s low-profile, flat-channel plastic ducts.

Finally, Blauberg has a wide variety of vents for you to browse, including both internally mounting vents and externally mourning vents.

You might be looking to buy a traditional circular vent that you can manually adjust or you may need a more decorative vent option, such as our range of designer frameless vents that fit flush to the wall or ceiling without any visible lines or edges.

From paintable seamless vents that blend into your interior design to standard round bathroom vents, you can explore our entire range below.

For more information about purchasing vents and ducts, get in touch here. We can advise you on the best ducting and vents for your ventilation system, as well as additional items such as bends, tee pieces and couplers.

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