Black Wall Vent Cover Back Draught Air Gravity Shutter Ventilation Grille 100mm 4"

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DECOR 155X155-100G BLACK
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  • Suitable for 100mm ducts, effectively removes stale air and reduces backdrafts.
  • Gravity-operated design reduces drafts and helps save on energy bills.
  • Perfect for exterior use, shielding against rain and environmental elements.
  • Equipped with removable blades for straightforward installation and cleaning.
  • Complements modern exterior designs with a stylish black finish.

DECOR 155x155-100G Black External Wall Cover Vent

Upgrade your home improvement projects with the DECOR 155x155-100G External Wall Cover Vent in sleek black. Perfect for all homes, and all types of ventilation. This vent grille is essential for your external wall where there is a need for extracting air.

Efficient Ventilation Design

Seamlessly integrate this vent cover into any external wall opening to enhance your existing ventilation system. It effectively expels dirty, moist, and stale air from your home, ensuring a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Optimised Airflow and Backdraught Prevention

The Blauberg Decor external wall cover is engineered to promote optimal airflow while preventing backdraughts. It's ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and wet rooms, helping to maintain superior air quality and preventing unwanted air infiltration.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with 100mm Duct Connections: Designed to fit a 100mm (4 inch) ducting connection, this vent cover is suitable for 100mm wall holes, ducting, and extractor fan spigots.
  • Generous 155mm x 155mm Size: This overall size provides ample space for secure fixing and covers any imperfections for a clean installation.
  • Ideal for Standard Extractor Fan Sizes: Perfect for use with common extractor fans, flexible ducting, and wall sleeves, ensuring a versatile fit for various installations.
  • Click 'view similar products' above to see other size options.

Gravity-Operated Mechanism

  • The vent cover opens passively when your ventilation system is active, allowing efficient air extraction. It closes automatically when the system is off, preventing draughts and reducing energy costs.
  • By reducing unwanted air entry, it helps reduce heat loss, contributing to lower energy bills.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The black finish complements contemporary exterior designs, adding a touch of sophistication to your home's façade.
  • Colour Options Available: Explore other colour options such as white, slate grey, terracotta, Cotswold Stone, cottage red, and brown by clicking 'view similar products' above.

Weatherproof Construction

  • Durable and Weatherproof: Designed for exterior wall installations, this vent cover is rain and weatherproof, effectively reducing external elements from entering your home.
  • Ideal for All Weather Conditions: Perfect for enhancing your home's weatherproofing and exterior ventilation needs.

Easy Maintenance with Removable Blades

  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: The removable blades allow for straightforward installation and easy cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.
  • DIY-Friendly: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners looking for a user-friendly wall vent.

Versatile Applications

  • Extractor Fans: Enhance your extractor fan systems with this vent cover, ensuring efficient airflow and preventing backdraughts.
  • Cooker Hoods: Perfect for kitchens, this stylish and durable vent cover complements your cooker hood while boosting ventilation.
  • General Ventilation: Use this vent cover to improve overall ventilation efficiency and maintain better indoor air quality.

Reliable and Efficient Ventilation Solution

The DECOR 155x155-100G Black Vented Back Draught Air Gravity Shutter Ventilation Grille is a dependable choice for maintaining optimal ventilation in your home. Its combination of functionality and modern design ensures a well-ventilated and aesthetically pleasing indoor environment.

Choose this gravity-operated shutter for an effective and stylish addition to your external wall, perfect for energy-saving ventilation and modern home improvements. Ensure high indoor air quality and enjoy a comfortable living space with this top-tier ventilation solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a wall vent cover with gravity shutter?

A Wall Vent Cover with Gravity Shutter is a ventilation accessory designed for fitting into external walls and prevent drafts. It features a gravity-operated shutter that opens to allow airflow and closes to reduce incoming air, ensuring efficient ventilation and preventing unwanted air and debris from entering the space.

2. How does a gravity shutter in a ventilation grille work?

The gravity shutter in a ventilation grille operates by using gravity to close automatically. When air flows through the vent, the air pressure pushes the shutter open, allowing airflow. When the airflow stops, gravity causes the shutter to close, preventing drafts and blocking debris.

3. How do you install a wall vent cover with gravity shutter?

Installation typically involves removing the old vent cover, placing the new grille over the vent opening, and securing it with screws or clips. Ensure the shutter mechanism is correctly oriented to function properly. Sealant is used to make a water-tight seal.

4. How do you maintain a wall vent cover with gravity shutter?

Maintenance involves regular cleaning to remove dust and debris from the grille and shutter mechanism. Inspect the grille periodically to ensure it is functioning correctly and replace any damaged parts as needed to maintain optimal performance.

5. What is the difference between a 100mm, 125mm and a 150mm black wall vent cover?

The main measurement to consider is the size of the opening the vent will fit into; a 100mm vent cover refers to the diameter of the connecting spigot at the back, not the total size of the vent.

6. Does the 100mm black wall vent cover come with fixings?

Fixing screws or plugs are not included because different wall surfaces require specific types for proper and secure installation.

7. Does the 100mm black wall vent cover fade in the sun?

The vent is designed to resist fading and degradation from sunlight, maintaining its colour and durability even after prolonged UV exposure.

8. What is the wall vent cover with gravity shutter made from?

It is made from engineered polymers like polycarbonate, modified ABS and specially formulated PVC, enhanced with additives to improve temperature resistance, UV stability, and antistatic properties.
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