BlauFast 75mm Elbow Bend 90 Degree for Semi Rigid Radial Duct MVHR System

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  • Easy Installation: Designed for snug spaces and sharp corners, this improves ventilation in smaller areas.
  • Simple Push-Fit Connections: Fast and stable connections, ideal for both seasoned DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.
  • Reliable, Airtight Seal: Optional sealing rings offered to provide a solid, leak-proof connection, maintaining system reliability and effectiveness.
Easy 90 degree bends when installing a 90mm MVHR duct system. Navigate tight bends, corners and cavities with Blaufast heat recovery ventilation ducting elbow.

75mm Semi Rigid Ducting 90 Degree Elbow Bend

Introducing the cutting-edge Blaufast 75mm Elbow Bend—a key component in your MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) radial ducting system. This elbow bend is expertly designed to manage tight radius turns, essential for enhancing the installation of heat recovery ventilation systems in residential systems. Compatible with Blaufast 75mm semi-rigid radial ducting, this bend is notable for its outstanding functionality and adaptability.

Optimised for confined areas, the Blaufast 75mm Elbow Bend excels in settings where space is limited. It is perfectly suited for managing difficult 90-degree corners typically found in through-wall ducting setups. Moreover, it effectively fits within wall cavities, accessing areas of the home that are unreachable by other ducting systems. This elbow bend also promotes consistent and uninterrupted airflow, critical for preserving the efficiency of the system.

Easy Installation with Advanced Push-Fit Technology: The Blaufast 75mm Elbow Bend includes a straightforward push-fit connection for fast and secure installations, ideal for both experienced contractors and DIY enthusiasts. This design simplifies the typically complex duct system setups, facilitating quicker and more efficient installations.


90 degree elbow bend for 90mm mechanical ventilation extract system (MEV).

Save time installing a Semi-Rigid Duct System

Blaufast ducting is meticulously crafted for optimal convenience and efficiency. Its manageability allows for swift and accurate cuts with only a sharp blade, greatly simplifying the installation process and minimising time spent on-site.

In comparison to conventional rigid PVC or metal ducting systems, Blaufast semi-rigid ducting can cut installation times by as much as 50%. This increased efficiency not only reduces labor costs but also lessens the usual disruptions associated with installations, making it a preferred option for both contractors and self-builders.

The material used in Blaufast ducting is exceptionally durable, providing excellent resistance to crushing and kinks that can obstruct airflow. This robustness ensures that your ventilation system maintains its efficiency and prolongs its operational lifespan.


Use Blauberg Blaufast 90 degree heat recovery ducting elbow bend and save up to 50% on installation time

Product Dimensions

  • D = 78mm
  • H = 129mm
  • L = 178mm
  • Duct Size = 75mm Semi-Rigid
Flexible, crushproof and robust. 90mm MVHR and mechanical extract ventilation ducting 90 degree elbow bend..

Advantages of a 75mm MVHR Duct System

Compared to conventional rigid PVC or metal ducting systems, Blaufast semi-rigid ducting with 90-degree elbow bends can slash installation times by as much as 50%. This increased efficiency not only cuts down on labor costs but also reduces the typical disruptions linked with duct installations, making it an attractive choice for both contractors and DIY builders.

The material used in Blaufast ducting is notably robust, offering superior resistance to crushing and kinks that can limit airflow. This durability ensures that your MVHR ventilation system functions efficiently and enjoys a prolonged operational lifespan.


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