BlauFast 75mm x 25m Semi Rigid Radial MVHR Ducting Hose Anti Bacterial & Static

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75mm x 25m anti-static anti-bacterial semi-rigid radial MVHR ducting. Suitable for all types of heat recovery ventilation systems

75mm Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Static Semi-Rigid Radial Duct - 25m

Switch to Blaufast 75x25m Semi-Rigid Ducting, the optimal choice for advanced residential heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) systems, now available in a convenient 25m coil. This ducting boasts a cutting-edge design integrating anti-static and antibacterial properties, guaranteeing superior indoor air quality, durability, and easy maintenance. With its innovative construction, expect efficient airflow management and swift installation.

Suitable for diverse ventilation installations, the sturdy 25m diameter accommodates increased airflow volumes while minimising noise, thanks to its 'radial' design and remarkable flexibility. Whether for new constructions or retrofit projects, Blaufast semi-rigid ducting offers unparalleled performance without compromising ease of installation.

Ideal for navigating through structural obstacles like beams, pipes, and cables, this flexible ducting reduces the need for additional fittings and effortlessly maneuvers around tight corners, simplifying layout complexities in wall and ceiling cavities. Complete your setup with our wide range of accessories, ensuring a seamless installation process tailored to your needs.

 Ultimate ducting for MVHR & MEV ventilation systems. Use Blaufast 75mm x 25m semi rigid radial duct.

Save time with a MVHR Semi-Rigid Ventilation Duct System - 25m roll

Blaufast ducting is expertly designed to enhance your experience through convenience and efficiency. Its user-friendly nature allows for quick and accurate cuts with just a sharp blade, drastically simplifying the installation process and significantly reducing the time spent on-site.

Compared to conventional rigid PVC or metal ducting systems, Blaufast semi-rigid ducting can reduce installation times by up to 50%. This not only lowers labor costs but also decreases the typical disruption associated with such installations, making it an attractive option for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Constructed from robust materials, Blaufast ducting offers excellent resistance to crushing and bending, which could otherwise impede airflow. This ensures long-lasting efficiency and extends the life of your ventilation system, providing sustained value.

To achieve optimal performance, we recommend sealing all duct connections to prevent air leaks and insulating the ducting to minimize thermal losses, especially in areas that are not heated. These steps enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your MVHR system, supporting a better, more comfortable living environment.

Use Blauberg Blaufast 75mm x 25m heat recovery ducting and save up to 50% on installation time.

Product Dimensions

  • D = 75mm
  • D1 = 63mm
  • L = 25m Coil
  • Duct Size = 75mm Semi-Rigid
Flexible, crushproof and rubust. 75mm x 25m MVHR and mechanical extract ventilation ducting.

Advantages of a 75mm x 25m Semi-Rigid Duct System

The installation of a 75mm x 25m profile semi-rigid duct is highly advantageous for heat recovery ventilation (MVHR) or mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) systems, perfectly tailored for homes requiring enhanced airflow without increased noise. These ducts are designed with smoother interiors that efficiently reduce airflow resistance, improving system efficiency by lowering energy losses while still delivering excellent airflow performance at higher volumes.

BLaufast semi-rigid ducts are recognised for their significant contributions to improving indoor air quality and thermal comfort. Their sturdy construction prevents sagging and ensures superior airtightness over flexible ducts, effectively reducing the risks of condensation and mold. This results in purer air circulation and more consistent indoor temperatures, thereby elevating comfort and promoting better health within the home.

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EAN Number 5060503626195
Please choose Size 75mm x 25m Coil
Length 25m Coil
Duct Connection Size 75mm Dia
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