Calm Black Bathroom Extractor Fan with Run-on Timer & Pull Cord - 100mm Zone 1 Silent

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Powerful and silent black bathroom extractor fan. Eliminate mould, condensation and stale air with a built-in run-on timer and pull cord

Blauberg Calm in Black: Enhance Your Bathroom with Dual-Mode Condensation Control

Transform your bathroom into a pristine, mould-free haven with the Blauberg Calm black bathroom extractor fan. Engineered for condensation management, this 4-inch fan features an impressive airflow rate of 97 m³/hour (27 l/s), tackling excess humidity, condensation, and the risk of mould with ease.

What sets this model apart is its dual-mode functionality: it features a manual pullcord that allows for immediate, user-activated operation, offering flexibility and personal control over your bathroom environment. Once switched off, the fan isn't done just yet—it includes an automatic run-on timer that keeps it operating for a preset period. This ensures continuous air circulation and enhanced humidity control, even after you've left the room.

The Blauberg Calm operates at a whisper-quiet 25 dBA, thanks to its German-engineered anti-vibration mounts, ensuring your bathroom remains a serene retreat. Whether in your main bathroom, wet room, or ensuite, the tranquility is preserved, uninterrupted by noise.

Close-up image of a modern black bathroom extractor fan with built-in run-on timer and pull cord.

Elevate Your Bathroom Aesthetics and Efficiency

Admire the sleek design and superior functionality of the Blauberg Calm black bathroom extractor fan. With an A+ energy efficiency rating, this fan features a robust, low-energy German Blauberg motor that meets the stringent Building Regulation-specific fan power (SFP) requirements and is supported by a solid 5-year warranty for lasting performance and reliability.

This model is equipped with IP45 protection, suitable for installation in bathroom zones 1 and 2, protecting against dust and moisture. The built-in timer contributes to energy savings by ensuring the fan operates only when necessary, while the manual pullcord adds a layer of personal control.

size, dimension and drawing of a black Blauberg Calm bathroom extractor fan with built-in run-on timer and pull cord.

Calm 100 Black Extractor Dimensions

  • B = 158mm
  • D = 99mm
  • H = 136mm
  • L = 81mm
  • L1= 26mm
Insitue image of a Blauberg Calm black extractor fan suitable for bathroom zone 1 installation with a built-in run-on timer and pull cord.

Blauberg Calm: Better Control of Indoor Air Quality

With the Blauberg Calm, keep your home free from condensation and mould. Compliant with Building Regulations Parts F and L, its IP45 rating ensures safe and effective operation near electrical components in zones 1 and 2.

Invest in the Blauberg Calm black bathroom extractor fan for a solution that not only maintains excellent air quality but also integrates seamlessly into your bathroom's design with its elegant black finish.

Enjoy peace of mind and a healthier, damp-free living environment with this sophisticated condensation-control solution that marries automated efficiency with manual precision.

More Information
EAN Number 5060407914527
Impeller Type Mixed Flow
Motor Type AC
Max Power (Amps) 0.049
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 100mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 27
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 97
Control Options Pull Cord & Timer
Colour Black
Duct Connection Size 100mm Dia
Power (Watts) 7.5w
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