Calm 100mm Zone 1 Black Bathroom Extractor Fan Low Noise & Energy Silent

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Powerful and silent black bathroom extractor fan. Eliminate mould, condensation and stale air

Blauberg Calm 100mm 4" Black Bathroom Extractor Fan

Remove mould, condensation, and humidity in your bathroom with a Blauberg Calm black bathroom extractor fan. This modern 4-inch fan delivers an impressive extraction airflow rate of 97 m³/hour (27 l/s).

The Blauberg Calm Exhaust Fan is equipped with German-engineered anti-vibration mounts, exclusive to Blauberg Calm Fans. This advanced feature allows for nearly silent operation at a whisper-quiet 25 dBA, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom, wet room, or ensuite.

Close-up image of a modern black bathroom extractor fan mounted on a white ceiling, featuring a circular design with a grid cover and a small central vent.

Efficient and Durable Black Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Blauberg Calm black bathroom ventilator boasts an A+ energy efficiency rating, ensuring responsible enhancement of indoor air quality.

Powered by a robust, low-energy German Blauberg motor that adheres to Building Regulation-compliant specific fan power (SFP) requirements, this fan is guaranteed with a solid 5-year warranty, promising enduring durability and steady performance.

This model features standard live and neutral electrical connections, allowing for flexible wiring according to your needs. For additional features, explore other models equipped with run-on timer, pull-cord, humidity sensor, and PIR detector options.

size, dimension and drawing of a black Blauberg Calm bathroom extractor fan

Calm 100 Black Extractor Dimensions

  • B = 158mm
  • D = 99mm
  • H = 136mm
  • L = 81mm
  • L1= 26mm
Insitue image of a Blauberg Calm black extractor fan suitable for bathroom zone 1 installation.

Blauberg Calm: Advanced Black Extractor Fans for Mould-Free Homes

Enjoy peace of mind with the Blauberg Calm bathroom black extractor fan, which is compliant with Building Regulations Part F and L. Notably, the Calm is designed for safe Zone 1 mounting in bathrooms, ensuring secure operation in moisture-rich areas alongside electrical components.

In the UK, maintaining indoor air quality is crucial given the common issue of mould, further aggravated by the damp climate. The Blauberg Calm is engineered to address this by offering a refined ventilation system that reduces humidity and removes pollutants, thus preventing mould growth. Its cutting-edge technology promotes a healthier, mould-free living space, enhancing both safety and comfort in your home.

More Information
EAN Number 5060407914480
Impeller Type Mixed Flow
Motor Type AC
Max Power (Amps) 0.049
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 100mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 27
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 97
Control Options Standard
Colour Black
Duct Connection Size 100mm Dia
Power (Watts) 7.5w
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