Calm 100mm Black Bathroom Extractor Fan Zone 1 Pullcord Low Noise Silent

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Powerful and silent black bathroom extractor fan. Eliminate mould, condensation and stale air with a built-in pull cord

Experience Enhanced Comfort with the Blauberg Calm Black Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Elevate your bathroom atmosphere with the Blauberg Calm Black Exhaust Fan, designed to expertly manage condensation and maintain freshness. This sophisticated 4-inch fan combats moisture, mould, and humidity, maintaining a pristine bathroom environment with its powerful 97 m³/hour (27 l/s) airflow.

Featuring a manual pull cord, the fan provides user-controlled operation, allowing activation only when needed. This straightforward function offers simplicity and ease of use, giving you full control over your ventilation without automatic adjustments.

The Blauberg Calm is equipped with German-engineered anti-vibration technology, ensuring its operation remains whisper-quiet at just 25 dBA. Ideal for any bathroom installation, whether it's a main bathroom, ensuite, or wet room, this fan guarantees a peaceful, noise-free, and mould-free environment. Upgrade to the sleek, efficient, and quiet Blauberg Calm Black Exhaust Fan for improved indoor air quality.

Close-up image of a modern black bathroom extractor fan with built-in pull cord.

Discover Quiet Efficiency: The Blauberg Calm Black Bathroom Extractor Fan

Transform your bathroom with the Blauberg Calm Black Extractor Fan, which achieves top-tier A+ energy efficiency. This advanced fan features a robust, energy-efficient German-engineered motor, meeting specific Building Regulation fan power (SFP) requirements and enhancing both energy savings and compliance. It also comes with a trustworthy British 5-year warranty for reliable, long-term performance.

An integrated manual pull cord enhances control over indoor air quality by allowing you to engage the fan as needed. This straightforward functionality ensures the fan operates only when manually activated, helping to conserve energy and extend the lifespan of the unit. Opt for the Blauberg Calm for a more controlled and sustainable bathroom solution.

size, dimension and drawing of a black Blauberg Calm bathroom extractor fan with built-in pull cord.

Calm 100 Black Extractor Dimensions

  • B = 158mm
  • D = 99mm
  • H = 136mm
  • L = 81mm
  • L1= 26mm
Insitue image of a Blauberg Calm black extractor fan suitable for bathroom zone 1 installation with a built-in pull cord.

Achieve a Mould-Free Environment with the Blauberg Calm Black Extractor Fan

Keep your home free of mould with the Blauberg Calm black bathroom extractor fan, suitable for installation in Zone 1 of moisture-prone bathroom areas. It is also Building Regulations Parts F and L compliant.

The built-in pull cord, the fan activates only when you choose, thus optimising energy use and preventing excess wear. This strategic feature not only combats mould growth but also promotes a healthier, condensation-controlled living space. Choose the Blauberg Calm to ensure a durable and efficient mould management system in your home.

More Information
EAN Number 5060407914497
Impeller Type Mixed Flow
Motor Type AC
Max Power (Amps) 0.049
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 100mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 27
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 97
Control Options Pull Cord
Colour Black
Duct Connection Size 100mm Dia
Power (Watts) 7.5w
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