ISO-V Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extract or Supply Fan 3 Phase

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Blauberg ISO-V Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extractor or Supply Fan - 3 Phase

Product Description:

Introducing the Blauberg ISO-V Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extractor or Supply Fan in its 3 Phase configuration – the epitome of high-performance ventilation. Engineered to excel in the most demanding environments, this fan delivers uncompromising power and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Power: The Blauberg ISO-V extractor fans are powerhouses designed to tackle the toughest ventilation challenges. With airflow rates ranging from 2815 m³/hour to an astounding 15830 m³/hour, these fans set the industry standard for performance.

  • Impressive Impeller Sizes: Choose from a wide range of fan impeller sizes, starting from 355mm and reaching up to an impressive 710mm in diameter. This diverse selection ensures that you have the right tool for any ventilation task.

  • Maximized Pressure Development: ISO-V features high-pressure centrifugal fans optimized for maximum pressure development. These fans effortlessly handle high static pressures, making them the top choice for commercial kitchens and supply air systems.

  • Precision German Motors: Equipped with three-phase, fully speed-controllable German external rotor motors, ISO-V ensures precision, reliability, and durability. These motors are built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments while delivering consistent performance.

The Pinnacle of Commercial Ventilation:

The Blauberg ISO-V Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extractor or Supply Fan represents the pinnacle of excellence in commercial kitchen ventilation. Here's why it stands out:

  • Square Design with Noise Reduction: Housed in a square frame with insulated panels, ISO-V minimizes noise while maximizing efficiency. This design ensures that your kitchen or restaurant maintains a quieter environment without compromising on performance.

  • Adaptable Configuration: ISO-V offers both perpendicular and garadlinig (straight-through) airflow patterns, providing unparalleled flexibility in fan placement. The perpendicular pattern can also achieve slightly higher airflow rates when needed.

  • Custom Accessories: Customize your ventilation setup with ease by adding accessories like circular duct connections, an external mounting hood, or external weathering components. ISO-V empowers you to tailor your ventilation system to your exact requirements.

Blauberg Warranty: With a 5-year Blauberg warranty, you can trust in the durability and long-term performance of this fan.

Elevate Your Ventilation:

When it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation, the Blauberg ISO-V Commercial Kitchen Canopy Extractor or Supply Fan with 3 Phase operation is the ultimate choice. With its unmatched airflow capacity, adaptable configurations, and precision-engineered motors, it sets the gold standard for professionals who demand the best.

Experience the excellence of ISO-V and elevate your ventilation system to new heights of performance.

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Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type AC
Electrical Supply 3 Phase 400/415 50/60Hz
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