Medium Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit Whole House Self Build DIY System

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Blauberg Medium Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit: Your All-in-One DIY Solution for a Healthier Home

Are you looking to enhance the indoor air quality in your 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartment, flat, house, or office? The Blauberg Medium Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit is your comprehensive DIY solution for efficient and effective heat recovery ventilation. Designed to simplify the process of selecting, installing, and operating a highly efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system, this kit includes all the components you need to enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your space. Here's what you can expect from this kit:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Complete DIY Ventilation Kit: This kit is specifically designed for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, making it easy for you to set up a heat recovery ventilation system in your home without the need for professional installation.

  2. Ideal for 2 to 4 Bedrooms: Tailored for 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments, flats, houses, and offices, this kit can efficiently serve spaces of different sizes.

  3. High-Quality Components: The kit includes a Blauberg Komfort EC D5B-180 Heat Recovery Unit, a designer wall-mounted speed controller with summer bypass control and fault indicator, a push-fit semi-rigid duct system with supply and extract manifold distribution boxes, PVC rigid ducting for manifold and termination connection, stainless steel external extract and supply vents, and plenum boxes with adjustable ceiling-mounted air valves finished in brilliant white.

  4. Free Technical Advice: Gain access to a technical advice phone line staffed by qualified heat recovery experts. Get the support you need to ensure your HRV system functions optimally.

  5. 5-Year Blauberg Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on all equipment supplied in the kit, demonstrating Blauberg's commitment to quality and durability.

With the Blauberg Medium Heat Recovery Ventilation Kit, you can create a healthier and more comfortable living environment by effectively removing stale air and recovering heat from it. This not only helps improve indoor air quality but also enhances energy efficiency in your space. Breathe easy and enjoy the benefits of a well-ventilated home with this all-in-one, easy-to-install DIY ventilation solution.

Discover the Benefits of MVHR:

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is an innovative system that optimizes indoor air quality while minimizing energy waste. Here's a breakdown of how this cutting-edge technology works:

1. Fresh Air Infusion: MVHR continuously brings in fresh, filtered outdoor air, ensuring a constant supply of clean and healthy air for your home.

2. Stale Air Extraction: Simultaneously, the system removes stale indoor air from spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, effectively expelling humidity, odors, and pollutants.

3. Efficient Heat Exchange: Before expelling indoor air, MVHR channels it through a heat exchanger. This pivotal step recovers the heat from the outgoing air, transferring it to the incoming fresh air. As a result, the fresh air is pre-conditioned, either heated or cooled depending on the season. This heat exchange process dramatically reduces energy loss, making MVHR highly energy-efficient.

4. Balanced Ventilation: MVHR maintains balanced ventilation by ensuring that the volume of extracted air matches the volume of fresh air supplied. This equilibrium prevents unwanted drafts and ensures consistent airflow throughout your home.

5. Strategic Air Distribution: The pre-conditioned fresh air is then distributed through a network of ducts to various rooms in your home. Supply vents disperse the tempered air, while extract vents remove stale air. The system incorporates adjustable valves or dampers, allowing you to fine-tune airflow to individual rooms.

6. Intuitive Control: MVHR systems are equipped with user-friendly control units, granting you control over fan speed, temperature, and humidity settings. Advanced models can even monitor indoor air quality, automatically adjusting ventilation for optimal comfort.

7. Summer Bypass (Optional): Some MVHR systems feature a summer bypass function. This innovation allows the system to skip the heat exchanger, introducing cooler outdoor air directly into your home for natural cooling during warmer seasons.

By embracing MVHR, you ensure a constant supply of fresh, filtered air while efficiently reusing the heat from expelled air. The result? Improved indoor air quality, reduced energy consumption, and a more comfortable, healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. It's a win-win for your home and the planet.

More Information
Impeller Type Centrifugal
Motor Type EC
Electrical Supply 1 Phase 220/250 50/60Hz
Please choose Size 150mm Dia
Maximum Airflow Rate (l/s) 61
Maximum Airflow Rate (m3/h) 220
Control Options S14
Energy Rating A+
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