S25 Programmable MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Controller LCD Display

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Introducing the Blauberg S25 Programmable MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Controller with LCD Display—a cutting-edge addition to your heat recovery ventilation system that revolutionizes indoor air quality management. This advanced touchscreen controller offers comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to tailor your ventilation system for optimal comfort and air quality in your home or commercial space.

Main Features

The Blauberg S25 LCD programmable display is a stylish and modern MVHR control panel that grants you access to a wide range of features available on your heat recovery ventilation unit. With its user-friendly touchscreen interface, you can effortlessly manage various aspects of your indoor environment.

  • Speed Switching: Select from trickle, boost, and purge ventilation speeds to adapt to changing ventilation needs.

  • Manual Control: Easily adjust fan speeds manually, initiate boost mode, or override settings with a timer.

  • Programmable Scheduling: Create a customized schedule for your heat recovery unit to operate precisely when and how you desire, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Monitoring Capabilities: Monitor and control condensation, humidity, and temperature levels within your space.

  • Advanced Air Quality Monitoring: Benefit from allergy sensing, CO₂ level tracking, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) detection, pollen monitoring, and control of airborne particles for improved air quality.

  • Summer Bypass: Automatic operation prevents overheating during the summer months.

  • Anti-Frost Protection: Ensures efficient heat recovery by preventing frost buildup.

  • Filter Alerts: Receive notifications when it's time to replace filters for optimal system performance.

  • Fault Finding: Access a user-friendly fault finding menu for quick issue resolution.

  • Versatile Control: Manage electric and water preheaters, reheaters, and coolers seamlessly.

  • Safety Features: Connect to a fire alarm system for added safety.

  • Engineering Mode: Fine-tune and customize every aspect of your heat recovery unit's operation, including airflow rates, humidity settings, temperature control, and more—all password protected.

  • Smart Control Compatibility: Link your system to smart controls for WiFi, router, cloud, Ethernet, and RS-485 setup functions, allowing you to control and monitor your ventilation system remotely.


The Blauberg S25 Controller is designed for use with several Blauberg Heat Recovery Units, including:

  • Komfort EC SB 160 S21
  • Komfort EC SB 250 S21
  • Komfort EC SB 350 S21
  • Komfort EC SB 550 S21
  • Komfort EC S5B 270 S21
  • Komfort EC D5B 180 S21

Elevate your indoor air quality and comfort with the Blauberg S25 Programmable MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Controller. Enjoy complete control over your ventilation system, with advanced features for personalized air quality management and energy-efficient operation. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and innovation that Blauberg brings to indoor air quality solutions.

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