BlauFast 75mm 2 Port Ceiling Vent Plenum Box Semi Rigid Radial Duct MVHR System

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  • Compact Ceiling Vent Adapter: Enables the connection of two 75mm semi-rigid ducts to a 125mm ceiling grille for streamlined integration.
  • Effortless Installation: A tool-free, snap-fit design for quick, easy setup compatible with any ceiling type.
  • Designed for MVHR Systems: Specifically tailored for compatibility with mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems requiring 75mm duct connections.
  • Enhanced Air Flow: Ideal for facilitating both intake and exhaust air in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, improving air exchange and efficiency in residential settings.
  • Robust Construction: Includes mounting lugs for a secure, stable attachment to ducting, ensuring reliable installation on joists, beams, and solid structures.
Use Blaufast 75mm grill plenum boxes when fitting ceiling vents in each of your rooms. Designed for heat recovery systems and continual extract ventilation.

75mm Semi Rigid Duct Ceiling Grille Plenum Box

The Blaufast 75mm Ceiling Mounted Vent Plenum Box is a key component within your ducted ventilation system. It can be mounted in loft or void spaces, and is required for all intake and exhaust ceiling grilles in each room, ensuring that all vents are effectively connected to the central ventilation system. This integration facilitates efficient and consistent airflow throughout your living spaces, optimising comfort and improving air quality.

The 75mm Blaufast Vent Plenum Box is suited for all rooms where air is delivered or extracted from ceiling-mounted vents. Check out our slimline 117x52mm flat oval product if you are tight for space!

When installing a centralised heat recovery ventilation system, choose Blaufast ceiling mounted plenum boxes to fit your vents & grilles..

Quick and Easy Installation Guide for Ceiling Grilles

Attach the plenum box to a stable structural element like a joist, beam, or truss. Utilise the pre-drilled mounting holes to ensure it is firmly fixed in place.

Use a sharp knife to make a precise cut on your 75mm semi-rigid duct, ensuring the edges are clean for a better fit.

Slide the rubber sealing rings (sold separately) over the ends of the duct to guarantee an airtight seal.

Insert the duct ends into the plenum box. Secure them in place by fastening them with the supplied red locking rings, ensuring a tight and secure connection.

Refer to the ceiling vent manual for detailed instructions on how to properly install the ceiling grille to ensure optimal performance and aesthetics.

 Dimensional details and sizes for Blaufast 75mm semi rigid radial duct ceiling mounted plenum boxes.

Product Dimensions

  • D (inner) = 127mm
  • H1 = 183mm
  • H2 = 100mm
  • L = 243mm
  • W = 266mm
  • Duct Size = 2 x 75mm
When installing stunning ceiling vents, use Blauberg's 75mm grille plenum boxes for your heat recovery ventilation system install

Enhance Your Home with Stylish Ceiling Vents

The Blaufast 75mm Ceiling Mounted Grille Plenum Box marks a significant advancement in home air management, ideal for anyone aiming to install both aesthetically appealing and efficient ceiling vents.

This plenum box comes with a 125mm diameter connection, ensuring compatibility with all of Blauberg UK's architectural and frameless grilles, as shown in the accompanying image. It is also adaptable for use with other vents from our extensive collection.

Discover our complete selection of ceiling vents or book a consultation to talk about your specific requirements.

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