White Wall Vent Cover Back Draught Air Gravity Shutter Ventilation Grille 125mm 5"

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DECOR 185X185-125G WHITE
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  • Fits 125mm ducts, extractor fans, cooker hoods, and wall sleeves.
  • Weatherproof, suitable for external use, protects against rain and elements.
  • Gravity-operated, reducing drafts and energy bills.
  • Easy Maintenance, removable blades for simple installation and cleaning.
  • Complements modern exterior designs with a classic white finish.

DECOR 185x185-125G White External Wall Cover Vent

Enhance your new builds, retrofits, or home improvement projects with the sleek white DECOR 185x185-125G External Wall Cover Vent. This vent grille is perfect for all homes and types of ventilation needs, especially for external walls requiring air extraction. It is essential for slightly larger extractor fans, cooker hoods, tumble dryers, and utility rooms.

Efficient Ventilation Design

Seamlessly integrate this 125mm white wall vent cover shutter into any external wall opening to boost your existing ventilation system. It effectively expels dirty, moist, and stale air from your home, ensuring a fresh and healthy indoor environment.

Optimised Airflow and Backdraught Prevention

The Blauberg Decor 125mm White Wall Vent Cover Shutter is engineered to promote optimal airflow while preventing backdraughts. Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, and laundry rooms, it helps maintain superior air quality and prevents unwanted air infiltration.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with 125mm Duct Connections: Designed to fit a 125mm (5 inch) ducting connection, this vent cover is suitable for 125mm wall holes, ducting, and slightly larger extractor fan spigots.
  • Generous 185mm x 185mm Size: The overall size provides ample space for secure fixing and covers any imperfections for a clean installation.
  • Ideal for Slightly Larger Extractor Fans and Tumble Dryers: Perfect for use with slightly larger extractor fans, cooker hoods, tumble dryers, and utility rooms, ensuring a versatile fit for various installations.
  • Gravity-Operated Mechanism: The vent cover opens passively when your ventilation system is active, allowing efficient air extraction. It closes automatically when the system is off, preventing draughts and reducing energy costs. By reducing unwanted air entry, it helps lower energy bills.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The white finish complements contemporary exterior designs, adding a touch of sophistication to your home's façade.
  • Colour Options Available: Explore other colour options such as black, slate grey, terracotta, Cotswold Stone, cottage red, and brown by clicking 'view similar products' above.

Weatherproof Construction

  • Durable and Weatherproof: Designed for exterior wall installations, this vent cover is rain and weatherproof, effectively reducing external elements from entering your home.
  • Ideal for All Weather Conditions: Perfect for enhancing your home's weatherproofing and exterior ventilation needs.

Easy Maintenance with Removable Blades

  • Hassle-Free Cleaning: The removable blades allow for straightforward installation and easy cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.
  • DIY-Friendly: Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners looking for a user-friendly wall vent.

Versatile Applications

  • Extractor Fans: Enhance your ventilation systems with this vent cover, ensuring efficient airflow and preventing backdraughts.
  • Cooker Hoods: Perfect for kitchens, this stylish and durable vent cover complements your cooker hood while boosting ventilation.
  • Tumble Dryers: Ensure efficient air extraction from your laundry room with this slightly larger vent cover.
  • Utility Rooms: Ideal for utility rooms, providing excellent ventilation to keep the air fresh and clean.
  • General Ventilation: Use this vent cover to improve overall ventilation efficiency and maintain better indoor air quality.

Reliable and Efficient Ventilation Solution

The DECOR 185x185-125G 125mm White Wall Vent Cover Shutter is a dependable choice for maintaining optimal ventilation in your home. Its combination of functionality and modern design ensures a well-ventilated and aesthetically pleasing indoor environment.

Choose this gravity-operated shutter for an effective and stylish addition to your external wall. Perfect for energy-saving ventilation and modern home improvements, it ensures high indoor air quality and a comfortable living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the 125mm (5") White Wall Vent Cover the right size for me?

Check before ordering. If you are replacing an existing vent, remove it and check the hole size.

Generally, toilet extractor fans are 100mm, but kitchens use 100mm, 125mm, or 150mm, depending on the size.

For utility rooms and laundry areas, a 125mm vent cover is often ideal due to the slightly larger extractor fans and tumble dryers commonly used in these spaces.

By verifying the hole size and considering the typical applications in various rooms, you can ensure that the 125mm (5") White Wall Vent Cover is the appropriate choice for your ventilation needs.

2. Where is the best place to put a 125mm (5") white wall vent?

Kitchens: Near the cooker hood or on an external wall.

Bathrooms and Toilets: High on the wall or ceiling, opposite the shower or bath.

Utility Rooms and Laundry Areas: Near tumble dryers and high on the wall.

General Tips: Avoid obstructions, place close to the source of moisture or odour, and install on an external wall for direct air extraction.

3. How do I install a 125mm (5") white wall vent gravity shutter?

First, gather your tools: drill, screws, wall plugs, screwdriver, sealant, measuring tape, pencil, and level.

Measure and mark the location for the vent on the wall, then drill a pilot hole at the centre. Cut the hole from the inside wall using a core drill, making it approximately 135mm to 140mm in diameter.

Insert the ducting through the hole, sealing around it with exterior-grade sealant. Position the vent cover over the ducting on the outside wall, mark and drill holes for the screws, insert wall plugs, and secure the vent cover with screws.

Finally, apply sealant around the edges of the vent cover to ensure it's weatherproof.

4. How do you maintain a 125mm (5") wall white vent cover gravity shutter?

To maintain a wall vent cover gravity shutter, start by regularly cleaning it to ensure efficient operation. Remove the vent cover, if possible, and wash it with warm, soapy water to eliminate dust, dirt, and debris. Use a soft brush to clean the shutter blades gently.

Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before reattaching. Additionally, check the vent for any obstructions or blockages, both inside and outside. Inspect the shutter mechanism to ensure it moves freely and isn't hindered by dirt or damage. Lubricate any moving parts with a silicone spray if necessary.

Periodically inspect the sealant around the vent cover to ensure it remains intact and reapply if needed to maintain a weatherproof seal. Regular maintenance helps keep your gravity shutter functioning optimally, promoting good airflow and prolonging its lifespan.

5. What is the difference between a 100mm, 125mm and a 150m white wall vent cover?

The primary differences between a 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm wall vent cover are their circular connection size and the applications they are best suited for. 

100mm (4") Wall Vent Cover: This size is typically used for smaller ventilation needs, such as in toilets and small bathrooms. It is designed to fit 100mm ducting and is ideal for smaller extractor fans and ventilation systems.

125mm (5") Wall Vent Cover: Slightly larger, this size is suitable for medium-sized ventilation needs, including kitchens, utility rooms, and larger bathrooms. It fits 125mm ducting and is often used with medium-sized extractor fans, cooker hoods, and tumble dryers.

150mm (6") Wall Vent Cover: The largest of the three, this size is used for high-capacity ventilation needs. It is ideal for large kitchens, commercial spaces, and areas requiring significant airflow. It fits 150mm ducting and supports large extractor fans and heavy-duty ventilation systems.

6. Does the 125mm (5") white wall vent shutter come with fixings?

Fixing screws or plugs are not included because different wall surfaces require specific types for proper and secure installation.

7. Will the 125mm (5") wall vent shutter white colour fade in the sun?

The wall vent shutter is designed to resist fading and degradation from sunlight, maintaining its colour and durability even after prolonged UV exposure.

8. What is the 125mm (5") white wall vent shutter made from?

The shutter vent is made from engineered polymers like polycarbonate, modified ABS and specially formulated PVC, enhanced with additives to improve temperature resistance, UV stability, and antistatic properties.
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