Hydraulic syphon for condensate drainage

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SFK 20X32
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Introducing the Hydraulic Syphon for Condensate Drainage - SFK 20x32

Efficient Condensate Management

The hydraulic syphon kit for water heat exchangers, SFK 20x32, is the ideal solution for condensate drainage from heat exchangers and coolers in ventilation and air conditioning systems. It ensures effective and hassle-free condensate removal, maintaining the optimal performance of your ventilation unit.

Key Features

  • Optimized Condensate Drainage: Designed specifically for condensate management, the SFK 20x32 kit efficiently directs condensate away from your ventilation unit.

  • Mechanical Locking Device: The syphon is equipped with a mechanical locking device that prevents sewage system odors from escaping after the hydraulic seal dries out, ensuring a hygienic and odor-free environment.


When condensate is drained from the ventilation unit, it follows a seamless path through the SFK 20x32 kit. Here's how it works:

  1. Flexible PVC Hose: The condensate first travels through a flexible PVC hose, ensuring a reliable and leak-free passage.

  2. Connection Coupling: It then passes through the connection coupling, maintaining a secure connection throughout the drainage process.

  3. Mechanical Locking Device: The condensate finally reaches the syphon, where a mechanical locking device comes into play. This ingenious mechanism prevents any sewage system odors from escaping, even when the hydraulic seal dries out.

  4. Efficient Condensate Disposal: Once the syphon ensures an airtight seal, the condensate is safely directed into the sewage system, efficiently managing condensate disposal.

Kit Components

The SFK 20x32 kit comprises the following components:

  • Coupling 32/32
  • Rubber Sleeve 32/20
  • Syphon
  • PVC Hose (15x2) with a generous length of 1000 mm

Ensure Optimal Condensate Management

Proper condensate management is crucial for the smooth operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the SFK 20x32 hydraulic syphon kit, you can trust that your condensate is efficiently and hygienically managed, preventing unwanted odors and ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

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